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Flexform is the manufacturing company of Harpers Ltd, which has been established in the cable distribution business since 1974.
Flexform's address at 34 Montgomery Road Belfast

Flexform is the manufacturing company of E J Harpers Ltd located in Belfast Northern Ireland, which has been established in the cable distribution business since 1974. Flexform initially acquired the coiled cable operation of Lucas Rists and later expanded into full cable production on the taking over the production assets of De Regt Cables Ireland

Major investment continued and  saw the introduction of 'Flexform' as a sister company to Harpers. Harpers now deal solely with the distribution of specialist cables and accessories, while Flexform manufactures an increasing range of cables including textile braiding for designs and finishes, for both Domestic and Export markets.

We ship our cables worldwide with a particular range of decorative, fabric braided flex for the lighting industry. These cables can be either round, oval or figure 8 with plain or patterned textile braiding overall, as the outer sheath.
Alternatively, these twin or three core cables can take the form of double insulated single conductors individually braided and twisted into a flexible cable or cord after the style of an antique or period flex for rewiring traditional lighting fixtures or fittings.

The restoration of antique lights, candelabra and chandeliers can greatly benefit from braided textile cable as it was most probably the style of connecting lead available at the time of original manufacture.  

However Flexform are incorporating modern industrial type insulations in the construction of these twin or triple twisted cords to ensure the cable not only meets but exceeds the electrical standards for such a period flex in today's domestic and commercial environment.

Flexform can re-create electrical cables from the past and faithfully construct cables where required, utilising rubber insulated conductors, cotton fillers, and viscous rayon textile braided covering in colours and designs which were previously used in the flexible cables connecting period lights, heaters, wireless radios, televisions, and such domestic appliances as smoothing irons, toasters, anglepoise lamps, table and floor lamps, torchers, and gramophones.

In fact all situations where there was a small portable equipment powered by electricity a cloth covered or fabric covered flexible cable with textile outer braid was used to connect it to the electricity mains supply socket.

If a specific requirement by a lighting manufacturer specifies these cables are to be supplied in quantity to set dimensions and terminated, Flexform will quote for the preparation of the cords with crimped ends, in-line on/off switch and plug suitable for the country of use.

This can be UK 3 pin plug, Euro plug 2 pin flat, or 2 pin plus earth, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Middle East, or South America.

Flexform also manufacture special cables for the instrumentation and power industry, including PVC, Polyethelene, PUR, Zero Halogen insulated and sheathed installation cables, crane flexibles, and spiral retractable coiled cables for appliances in the medical and catering trades.

We manufacture cores for conductors and lay ups to combine these wires into a cable construction.
Wire braided and lap screened where required with (insulated) separation tapes to ease the termination and connection of the cable.

Our future will see greater exploration into custom cable design and short production runs. Production facilities onsite will keep turnaround time for orders to a minimum and allow us to experiment more with one-off orders. Feel free to browse our site and see what Flexform can offer you.