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Belden Cables and Belden Equivalent


Def Standards 61-12

Screen & Unscreened cables in multi-core lay-up, PVC insulated and Sheathed
16/02 Stranded conductors up to 60 cores.
7/02 Stranded conductors up to 25 Cores.
Voltage Rating 44OV
Operating Temp 0C to +70C.


Category 5E & 6 UTP & STP

Data transmission - Networking cabling or Structured Wiring. Available with LSF Sheath and/or foil screened.
These cables can form part of a complete warranted system and we can supply brands which will comply with Molex and Pressac system solutions.

Belden Cables and Belden Equivalent

These data cables are recognised the world over. We supply from stock the most popular types, often cutting to the lengths required by the customer.
All the range is generally available on short delivery. We can offer special outer sheath constructions for particular environments, just call to confirm if you have in-duct or zero halogen and low-smoke applications.

RG58, URM67,RG174,RG188,RG213
RG62, SINGLE, 5,10 & 20 way versions available
TV & Satellite Cables:
C55, CT100, CT125, CT167 all as standard or with outdoor grade sheaths are also available from stock.

Optical Fibre Cable

Internal/External Grade:
From Stock 9/125, 50/125 & 62.5/125 INT/EXT or others on short delivery time: Tight buffered and loose tube constructions. Cut to the lengths you require.
Patch Cords:
Simplex and Duplex
Pre Terminated:
Prepared Cable ready to install with end terminations made off and tested for immediate installation, connection and operation.

"Special Cables are standard stock at Harpers"

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