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PVC/PVC Flexible Multi-core cables Spiral


PVC/PVC Flexible Multi-core cables. PVC Insulated conductors number coded. Grey PVC outer sheath. Voltage 300/500V.
Operating Temp -5oC to +80oC flexing.
Sheath resists most oils, caustic solutions and gasoline.
YY is available up to 100 cores from 0.5sQMM through to 4 core 120SQMM.


PVC insulated and bedded with tinned or Galvanised wire braid for mechanical protection. Transparent PVC outer sheath.
Voltage 300/500V.
Operating temp -5oC to +80oC Flexing.
SY cables available up to 61 cores from 0.5SQMM
Maximum 4x95SQMM


PVC insulated conduction, tinned copper wire screen.
Grey PVC outer jacket.
Voltage 300/500V.
Operating temp -5oC to 80oC Flexing
LIYCY cables are available from 0.14SQMM & up to 61 cores
Maximum 1.5SQMM 50 core cables.


Similar construction to 'SY' except protection is a tinned copper wire braid designed as an electrical screen.
From 0.5SQMM up to 100 cores the largest being 5 x 16SQMM.

Special cables are standard stock at Harpers"

Highly flexible PVC cables
Triple standard cables
Oil resistant cable
Low smoke & fume - Zero halogen cables

"Crane & Pendant flex"

Flatform PVC
PVC insulated conductors laid flat with a PVC black, Outer jacket. This cable is designed for over head loop suspension from a wire or trolley rail conveying system.
Voltage 300/500V.
Also available as a neoprene rubber flat. Individually braided, screened cores, up to 12 x 2.5SQMM, can be supplied if suppression of electrical noise is essential.

Pendant Flex

PVC insulated cores laid up and held within with a Flexible wrap.
PVC other two bonded twin strain wires incorporated for suspension of cable and securing of the control box.
This cable is manufactured up to 30 cores of 1.0Sqmm,
24 Cores of 1.5SQMM
Voltage 300/500V
Operating Temp -5oC to +70oc

"Special Cables are standard stock at Harpers"
Robotic and Chain Cables
Polyurethane Jacketed Cables
Low temperature Arctic grade PVC Cable

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